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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Movie review: The Wolverine

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Caught 'The Wolverine' over the weekend and I thought I do a quick review on it. Even if you haven't watched the film yet, my review is not going to contain any significant spoilers so no need to worry!
The Wolverine

The good things

Set primarily in Japan (Tokyo), the film acts as a sequel to X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Don't know about you but I found this surprising as I thought it would be a sequel to 'X-Men Origins: The Wolverine' instead. Nevertheless, 'The Wolverine' does a great job at redeeming the X-Men movie franchise after the huge disaster 'X-Men 3: The Last Stand' thanks to its incompetent director Brett Ratner.

Plot wise, the movie focuses a lot on Wolverine's psychological trauma after the ordeals he went through, like killing Jean Grey in X-Men 3. There is also a twist at the end although one might not call it a twist since I saw it coming from a mile away. But the plot is definitely slightly more complicated than other superhero movies like 'The Avengers' or 'Man of Steel' due to the air of mystery in the film. So definitely not just another mindless popcorn movie.

Solid acting

Its been over a decade since Hugh Jackman took on the role of Wolverine and he doesn't seem to have aged one bit in The Wolverine. He is topless or wearing a tight singlet in pretty much the entire film so girls and gay guys would definitely be thrilled with the overwhelming eye candy on screen. I watched this movie with a girl and it was quite ironic that I was gushing over Hugh Jackman more than she was lol. 

Of course, Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman is definitely more than just a hunky action star and the fact that he plays Wolverine with even more depth and emotion in the film is testament to his acting capabilities. I can't imagine any other actor ever taking on the role of Wolverine and Hugh Jackman has become pretty much the epitome of The Wolverine and the best thing is that no one seems to get tired of ever seeing him play Wolverine. So overall, Hugh gives a very solid performance as a psychologically tortured Wolverine in the film.
Seriouisly just look at that FINE body!

The rest of the cast also deliver fine performances. Apart from Hugh Jackman, it is unlikely that you would know any of the other actors (Unless you're Japanese) as they are pretty much unknown actors. That said, everyone manages to bring justice to their respective roles. Tao Okamoto who acts as Mariko stands out particularly for me as when she first appeared, the first thing that came to my mind was 'What a beauty' as she has that delicate Chinese beauty kind of vibe.
Tao Okamoto as Mariko

The only thing that I don't understand is why they chose Rila Fukushima for the role of Yukio. I am sure hundreds or even thousands of Asian girls would kill for that role and why they picked Rila is beyond my comprehension. I mean, Rila does a great job but I actually find her quite... ugly. Surely there are prettier Japanese actresses to choose from no?
Rila as Yukio: Her eyes are too far apart and her forehead is too big!

Fight scenes

Although it is a comic book movie, the amount of special effects used is probably a lot less than what anyone expected. As the action sequences are primarily between Wolverine and numerous ninjas and samurais, most of the action sequences are hand to hand combat scenes and the choreographer of the film definitely deserves a pat on the back for expertly executing the complicated fighting scenes. The stand out scene for me was a scene in the movie where Wolverine battles a group of traid members on top of a train. While top-of-the-train chase scenes has been done numerous times, the fight scene on top of the train in The Wolverine is so over-the-top you can't help but be impressed by it.

The Bad things

I have been an X-Men fan since I was a young boy and one of the best things about watching X-Men movies is to see your favourite cartoon characters be brought to life on the big screen. However, the biggest flaw in The Wolverine is the lact of mutants in the movie. Apart from Wolverine and The Silver Samurai, the only other mutants in the movie are Yukio and Viper who are both characters I have never heard of before. Surely they could have picked another X-Men storyline which would be able to showcase more famous characters. Or surely, they could have brought integrated some better known X-Men characters into the film? So while this flaw might not matter much to you, my inner fan boy was disappointed.


Regardless of its flaws, The Wolverine is still a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of the X-Men franchise. The Director manages to do a fine job at redeeming the X-Men franchise and injecting some credibility into it after Brett Ratner messed it up with X-Men 3.

Overall: 3.5 Stars.

The Wolverine: 3.5 Stars

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Monday, 22 July 2013

New Gym workout

You know those guys who always train their upper body and neglect their lower body, yeah I'm one of them! I never saw much point in training legs and the only lower body workout I ever did was squats or deadlifts. But honestly, I hated squats and deadlifts so I stopped doing them altogether about 6 months together.

Anyway I feel like I have reached a training plateau as I feel like my body has reached its maximum potential based on my routine. However, I wish to break through this wall and bring my body to the next level. My aim is to bulk up as much as possible for the rest of the year and then start cutting down in 2014. The only explanation I can think of why my body can't get bigger is because I have been neglecting my lower body and thus my body has reached a deadlock. However I want to reach a stage where I would be completely comfortable if someone were to ask me to take off my shirt in public and unfortunately my body is not there yet.

I am sure a lot of my readers are fitness enthusiasts as well and thus I am going to share with you guys my new workout plan so that hopefully, you guys can provide some valuable feedback and maybe add in some useful advice or suggestions. 
I want a body like that!

Instead of just adding a leg day, I have decided to completely revolutionise my training to shock my body into making more muscle. My normal workout routine is as follows:

Now usually, I gym 4 times a week. 2 days devoted to Chest and Bicep. 1 day for Tricep and shoulder. 1 day for forearms and back. I pretty much adhere to the concept of devoting the first half of the gym session to 1 body part (Chest example), then the second half of the session to the other body part (Bicep). Each session typically lasts about 1.5hours.


However, the new gym workout I have devised for myself is going to be quite different. Instead of focusing on 1 body part during the first half and the other body part during the second half, I am going to train both body parts alternatively throughout the session. Also instead of 4 days a week, its going to be reduced to just 3 days a week with at least 1 day of rest between each workout day.

Here is my workout plan:

Chest/Back day
1. Start off with completing 30 overhand pull-ups, split into as many sets as possible to finish 30 reps.
2. Bench Press 4 sets of 8
3. Bench Press: 2 drop sets + 8 push ups
4. Superset (3 sets of 8): Incline bench-press + Bent over row
5. Superset (2 sets of 12): Alternating dumbell press + Renegade Push-up
6. Decline Bench press: 3 sets of 10
7. Cable row: 3 sets of 12
8. T bar row: 3 sets of 10
9. Chest press: 3 sets of 12

Note: Should the supersets be 3 sets of 8 or 2 sets of 12?

Bicep/Tricep day
1. Close-grip bench press: 5 sets of 8
2. Superset: Underhand chin-ups + Dips (3 sets of 8)
3. Superset: Tricep extension + Bicep curl (3 sets of 8)
4. Incline Bicep curl: 3 sets of 10
5. Overhead tricep extension: 3 sets of 8
6. One arm preacher curl: 3 sets of 10
7. Diamond push-up: 1 set until exhaustion

Note: Am I doing too little exercises? Should I add in more?

Leg/Shoulder day

1. Superset: Shoulder press + Alternating front raise
2. Upright row: 5 sets of 8
3. Lateral raise: 3 sets of 12
4. Shoulder press machine: 3 sets of 10
5. Squats: 4 sets of 8
6. Leg press machine: 4 sets of 8
7. Leg extension: 4 sets of 8
8. Calf raises: 4 sets of 8

Note: As my legs are still very weak, decided to go with the conventional route of focusing on shoulders for 1st half and then legs for 2nd half.

So there you have it, my new gym workout plan. Going to start on it this week and try it out for at least 6 weeks before making any further decisions. Planning to take a photo of my body at the end of each week so that I will be able to observe carefully the progress after 6 weeks. The main issue which bugs me is adopting the new concept of training both body parts throughout the session for Chest/back day and Bicep/Tricep day.

I would really really really appreciate it if you guys can give me some feedback on my workout. Even if you are not a fitness trainer, any advice or tips would be great as long as you know what you are talking about. If you have an awesome workout which you really believe in, then please share it with me.

You can contact me through several ways. Leaving a comment would be one way but I am aware that the process can be quite tedious.

Alternatively, contact me by

Sending me an email:
PMing or tweeting me through twitter: @shakethathing

Hopefully, I will be one step closer to looking like that:

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Forever Alone

Personally, I hate people who always whine about being 'Forever alone' but tonight, I really feel the need to just talk about the issue of being 'Forever alone'. So if you are like me and can't stand people complaining about turning into some old loner living in a house full of cats, then please do not read the rest of this post =)

Warning: If you are single too, this might make you emo!

Forever Alone

In reality, I am someone who is very good at acting indifferent and so people who know me in real life would be extremely surprised that one of my greatest desires right now is to find that special someone. Heck, even some of my twitter followers or readers are under the impression that @Shakethathing is a guy who loves the single lifestyle since I have been asked on before whether I desired a serious relationship.

However, something which I have never told anyone in real life before is that I really do worry about ending up 'Forever Alone'. This is mainly due to 2 reasons. Firstly, telling people you are afraid of ending up forever alone is not going to make you any more appealing. Secondly, I have a lot of pride and admitting it to a friend would be such a loss of 'face. Thus, I usually act nonchalant about the whole issue in real life even though its something that worries me a lot.

Every time a friend confides in me that they are afraid of never getting married, I always assure them that someone will come along eventually. But honestly, why is everyone so sure that eventually, all of us will find that special someone? When I say 'special someone', I don't mean your soulmate since I don't believe in that shit. I just mean that 'someone' who means enough to you that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with them and prepared to marry them regardless of whether that marriage works out or not. My parents often say things like 'Next time when you get married...' and everytime they do, I feel like retorting 'What makes you sure I can find someone I want to marry?'

I may be only 22 years old and probably too young to worry about such things since honestly, I have no intention of marrying early. In fact, my ideal age to get married is probably 30. And yes, at this stage, I would hope to marry a girl and have a 'normal' life although that could change in a few years time since once I become more financially independent and less reliant on my parents, I may become more open to embracing my gay side. Anyway, back to the main point...

I may be still considered young but I have been single for a very long time. Day after day, year after year, so many people come in and out of your life but you don't meet anyone who leaves a deep impression on you. People always say that University is the place where you will meet your lifelong partner but I am becoming more pessimistic every day. Before the start of each semester, I will convince myself that this time, I will meet that special someone. But by the end of that semester, there is no special someone. Then you start to ask yourself, what makes you so sure that you will find someone eventually. What if every year turns out like the year before and you never meet anybody?

Then as you get older and people start asking 'Why you got no girlfriend'? You start to ask yourself that very question as well. Why can't you find anybody? Is there something wrong with you? Why can't you connect with anyone. I mean statistically, seeing as so many come into your lives, can't you find just one person that you can connect with?

The worst thing is when you find out on Facebook that someone whom you always thought was weird and would end up forever alone has gotten attached. I mean seriously, this guy I know was  extremely socially awkward and he ALWAYS gives people a bad first impression when they meet him cos he is very introverted, doesn't talk much but instead of coming across as the shy nice guy, he comes off instead as the rude and weird anti-social dude. Plus he has neither looks nor body although he does come from a very rich family. But even so, he managed to find this really nice girl. When you find out that even people like him found someone, you can't help but feel maybe there really is something wrong with you...

I believe that deep down, under normal conditions, most people would want to find somebody to spend their life with. All the 'I am single and I love it' declarations are obviously just people trying to deceive themselves. It doesn't help that society likes to emphasise that getting attached is the right path to happiness.

I mean when you hear the stories of how many couples got together, a lot of it boils down to luck. A lot of it depends on being in the right place at the right time, the circumstances and mindset of both indviduals, and all the cute little events which played out nicely so that the happy couple ended up together in the end.

But as I said, a lot depends on luck and what if you yourself never get that lucky. What if you meet the right person at the wrong time? What if the chain of events do not play out nicely? What if you are ready but they are not? What if they are the right person but your paths in life do not follow the same route?

Your twenties is the best time to discover yourself and explore the world but it is also the time of your life where you build the foundation for the rest of your life. Which means that most people find that special someone in their twenties. Plus people do expect you to find someone in your twenties.

However, after being in University for 1.5 years, I still haven't found anyone and I only have 2.5 years of Uni left. What if the next 2.5 years is just like the last 1.5 years and I graduate without finding anyone? It gets harder to find someone as you get older as the proportion of single people start to shrink and increasingly, people you meet are all happily attached.

 I would also imagine that it gets harder once you enter the working world. By then, you have less time for yourself and alot of the time, your primary social circle will probably be people at your workplace or people you would meet as part of your jobscope. What if I enter an industry full of only guys or my company is dominated by old people. How then? I don't want to end up as one of those desperate people who go on dating websites.

Another thing is that as the longer you stay single, the more desperate you become. You start to lower your standards and may even start 'settling'. The worst is when you chase someone after lowering your standards but still emerge unsuccessful...

My life is pretty sad now in the sense that there is no one in my life whom I 'like' What if the odds are never in my favour and I never find someone? Will I really go through life being forever alone?

I just want to feel real love cos I got too much blood running through my veins going to waste...

My Top 5 'Forever Alone' songs

1. 'Soulmate' by Natasha Bedingfield

2. 'Feel' by Robbie Williams

3. 'What is Love' by Jennifer Lopez

4. 'I want to know what love is' by Mariah Carey 
P.S: Yes I know she is not the original singer but I love her version more

5. 'All by myself'' by Celine Dion

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Twitter Feuds

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Over the years, I have gotten into some heated arguments with both followers and celebrities through my twitter account and I thought it would be interesting to start documenting them down in this post. Its difficult to fully explain your side of the story through twitter so I figure a blog post would be so much more conducive. Its a very Xiaxue thing to do but oh well..... 

So take out the popcorn and enjoy the drama in this post! Hopefully no one else ends up on this post...



Erectionary is someone that I have been following on Twitter for a long time and someone who is also quite a prominent figure in the gay world.  Although I don't read his blog which focuses on BDSM , I do consider him as a friend due to our frequent interaction on Twitter and our long history. He was also the most supportive person when I initially set up my blog as he would always compliment my posts and help to publicise it by RT by blog links. I do not remember ever arguing with him on Twitter so it is quite surprising that we would end up falling out with each other.

The fall-out

If you guys follow both of us, then you would probably know what happened between us. Personally, I felt like it was such a MINOR issue that I am surprised he unfollowed me. That plus the fact that he tweeted a tweet obviously indirectly attacking me pissed me off cos I hate people who do such girly bitchy things.

Anyway our twitter exchange went something like this. Red font is him, blue font is me. Italicised words are my additional notes.

Him: Be my intern, be a writer for Erectionary.
 (When I saw the tweet, I already felt insulted by his arrogance. However I decided to be polite, taking into consideration our friendship)

Me: Lol bondage not my thing

Him: Any stories to make guy's dick erected are accepted. 
(This was the point which pissed me off. Still thinking he is some big shot. Plus his tweet is gramtically incorrect lol #fail)

Me: Honestly why in the world would I want to be your intern? I think I'm over qualified honestly...
(Felt abit guilty for being so rude thus decided to do some damage control since I didn't want this thing to blow out of proportion)

Me: Sorry if I come across as rude but honestly asking me to be ur intern is pretty insulting. At least a contributor la

Him: If you think you're so good and your blog is the best, good for you.
(Still so fucking arrogant)

 Me: I don't. And I should be saying that to u since ur the one who thinks ur such a great writer that u can be my mentor.

Him (General tweet, not a reply to me) : Sometimes we need to eat the humble pie.
(The irony seriously -.-" Plus awkward sentence structure)

Me: I hate it when people are obviously aiming something at u but instead of saying it to just you, they tweet it out to indirectly attack u. What a Girly thing to do...

Him: I'm tired of all these drama. First it was and now .

Me: Maybe its cos U need to examine your fucked up attitude. But thanks, u just gave me some inspiration to blog. 

After thoughts 

Although it has been a few days since the incident happened, my blood still boils whenever I think about what happened.

First of all, what in the world makes this @erectionary so great that he can be my mentor?? I mean sure, his blog is more popular and established than mine but really, that is ONLY because he takes it extremely seriously. He is obviously trying to make a career out of it whereas in my case, I just want my blog to be read by a niche audience. If my blog becomes too popular, I would honestly shut it down since the more people read it, the risk of someone investigating and exposing my identity increases. I am sure if I follow in @erectionary's footsteps and start including photos and videos of the people that I fucked and blog more regularly, the traffic on my blog would shoot through the roof.

Secondly, when I say I am over-qualified to be his intern, I genuinely meant it. First of all, I already have a job as a freelance writer currently and although I am getting underpaid because I am still a student, I can still be considered a full-fledged writer. So really erectionary, who the fuck do you think you are?? I am not too sure about his day job but I think it has to do with the tourism and travel industry so he is probably not a professional writer. Just cos his blog enjoys more traffic, he thinks that makes him some big-shot professional writer qualified enough to take in interns. Well erectionary, the magazine that I am free-lance writing for definitely gets more traffic than your shitty blog!

Thirdly, erectionary honestly is not that good a writer. I have only read a few entries before and honestly, I wasn' very impressed. His vocabulary seems limited and his posts lack substance and I doubt anyone has ever thanked him for writing meaningful posts which they can relate to. The only people reading his blog are people looking for an aid to help them jerk-off. I at least try to keep my blog as diverse as possible and not just blog about sex.

  Finally, the word 'intern' is pretty insulting as it pretty much refers to someone who is at the bottom of the corporate ladder. If he asked me to be a fellow contributor, it would be so much more appropriate but an intern? REALLY? What can he possibly teach me? What does he possibly have to offer besides Tenga eggs? He is probably just some pathetic travel agent in real life who has a dominating boss and thus he has no avenue to vent his frustrations except by torturing his subs in dodgy hotel rooms...

Oh and apparently, a friend told me its quite normal for him to unfollow people the minute anyone disagrees with him. Obviously a very narrow minded and petty person, he was probably sick of me rejecting him all the time. Afterall, for those who don't know, he was one of those guys who kept asking me for sex through private messages. And I always turned him down giving the excuse he is too hardcore for me and he would just be like 'I do vanilla sex as well' and I would still reject him.


Not many people are aware that I used to follow this slightly psychotic girl whose twitter name keeps changing and it definitely wasn't easy trying to find out her new twitter name. She used to be called 'vivienbunny' or something like that but that has changed again. 


Basically, she is a 19-year old girl who loves watching chinese dramas and regularly develops obsessive crushes on celebrities. Her name is Vivien and she thinks she is a lesbian but I think its just  a phase. Anyway, Viven and I too have a long history and it started when she followed me and asked me to follow her back and after looking through some of her tweets which were very interesting, she became the first female non-celebrity I followed. Anyway she was extremely immature even till now and she seems to be always watching TV and she tweets like 50 times a day. However we both shared a love for Chinese drama serials and would regularly bitch together about some celebrity. But her immaturity and stupidity often pissed me off so we got into some heated arguments over the years. Here are 2 of the major incidents:

Rebecca Lim prediction
Rebecca Lim

 She used to have this huge crush on Singapore actress, Rebecca Lim which borders on slightly psychotic. I remembered once when I told her it was just a crush, she was very aggitated and insisted that it was love and she would one day marry Rebecca Lim. I remembered it got to the point where she declared that she would gladly give up her life to protect Rebecca which was ridiculous cos Rebecca doesn't even know she exists! I remembered making a bet with her that she will eventually get over Rebecca and move on but she insisted she was going to love Rebecca forever *Rolls eyes*

P.S She has since moved on to idolising Tavia Yeung -.-"

The Fall-out

This happened not too long ago. It all started when she was critisising Mediacorp's decision to use their local artistes to model some clothes at a fashion show and Viven was like 'Why can't Mediacorp hire professional models, why so cheapskate?'...

Anyway I started defending Mediacorp reasoning that firstly, the fashion designers would probably prefer it if celebrities rather than no-name models wore their clothes due to the added buzz and publicity. Secondly, they are ARTISTES and not just actors so modelling clothes is definitely not out of their job scope. Thirdly,  many actors started out as models so they would definitely be able to do the job well.

Anyway our twitter argument got bigger and bigger till we both unfollowed each other.


 It was probably quite childish for me to pick a fight with a 19-year old girl with the mindset of a 12-year old but seriously, stupidity annoys me. Plus she is quite psychotic and the fact that fanclubs like RBKD (Rui En) and the Beckers team (Rebecca Lim) refuse to admit her in shows just how psychotic she must be for fanclubs to turn her away! Anyway her tweets were already getting on my nerves so I am quite glad we ended up falling out with each other.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sex with a girl

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As there have been several requests through suggesting that I blog about my straight sex experiences as well, I have decided to give it a shot. The sex encounter which I shall blog about happened last year here in Australia. So this might turn some of you off if you find the idea of having sex with a woman revolting but if not, feel free to read on...

How I met her

The girl shall be referred to as Kelly (Not her real name) and I only met her last year. She is a Singaporean of Chinese ethnicity and she too studies in the same University as me. Although we were not in the same course, we met each other through mutual friends at a social gathering organised by one of the student societies in my University. We got along well at our first meeting and subsequently exchanged contact details.

She was relatively tall for an Asian girl, around 1.68m tall, fair skinned, slim and quite pretty. She had dyed hair, a bubbly personality and conch piercings so she looked like the typical party girl you often see at a club. Physically, I found her quite attractive but I never saw her as a romantic interest as I was more focused on another girl during that time last year. Plus a mutual friend of mine told me 'dodgy' stories involving Kelly and some other guys although my mutual friend always emphasised that they were just rumours which probably occured cos Kelly was a very friendly person.

Anyway, I remembered one day by chance, I met Kelly in Uni and we decided to lunch together. It was an enjoyable lunch as she was very easy to talk to. After that lunch, I noticed that Kelly started Whatsapping me quite regularly, like she would initiate conversation or send me some random thing around 3-4 times a week. Her messages however weren't really flirtatious but more of the friendly nature. Like she would just randomly ask me how was I etc. Basically, my gut instinct told me that she wanted to get to know me as a friend.

The workout

So one day, Kelly suddenly Whatsapped me asking me to teach her how to lift weights. I just said 'ok' but didn't bother to ask her why since she seemed pretty happy when I agreed. I did get abit suspicious though because I realised she could have easily asked other guys whom she was closer to gym with her. Although Kelly and I were definitely friends at that point, I still wouldnt consider us to be close friends. Plus its quite unusual for a girl to ask a male friend to gym with her.... Anyway I decided to go along with it and see where it goes.

So on the day itself, I brought her to the gym and we started working out. I taught her some really basic lifts and abs exercises suitable for girls etc. Nothing much really happened throughout the 1.5 hour long gym session we had together. We joked around and stuff but there was no inappropriate touching or anything. At the end of the gym session, I offered to walk her back to her place and she declined at first saying her room was messy but relented in the end.

When things started heating up

As we were walking to her place, I was starting to get horny already. When we reached her room, we both went inside and sat down on the floor (Cos we were both sweaty from gym) side by side and started to talk. After a while, she said she was going to bathe and I said I wanted to bathe too. We started debating in a joking way on who should bathe first.I was kind of flirting with her while we were debating and I even took off my shirt to prove that I was more eager to bathe compared to her. I even suggested we compromise by bathing together and she just laughed and turned her back on me and shouted 'Ladies should go first!' and started walking away. I figured this was my last chance and after mustering some guts, I walked towards her, grabbed her right hand from behind and whispered 'I wasn't joking about us bathing together'. She froze on the spot and I then hugged her tightly from behind. I then whispered more flirty things into her ear and started to kiss her ear from behind. She was completely silent during this time but she didn't make any resistance to my sexual advances.

The sex

I then slowly turned her around so we were now gazing into each other's eyes. I was topless as I took off my shirt earlier while arguing over who should bathe first while she was still fully clad in her T-shit and shorts. I leant in slowly to kiss her lips and when I planted my lips on her lips, her lips remained shut. However after like 3 seconds, I felt her lips start to reciprocate and we started kissing slowly. We then seperated and I said 'That felt good' and she smiled brightly and I pulled her in for another kiss. This time, the kiss was a lot more passionate as our tongues started to interwine and explore each other's mouths. Her hands also started caressing my back while my hands were squeezing her butt and going underneath the back of her shirt.

I then pulled her towards the bed and pushed her roughly onto the bed. We were both breathing rather heavily by now and I pounced on top of her and we started making out furiously. While making out, I started to take off her clothes bit by bit till she was only wearing her panties while I was only wearing my shorts. I started licking her boobies while one of my hands slipped underneath her panties and started massaging her pussy which was soaking wet by then.  I then took off her panties by then so she was completely naked and took off my shorts and underwear as well so we were now both naked on her bed. She was lying on her back while I was lying on my side and we were making out passionately while my fingers were going in and out of her pussy. She seemed to really enjoy it and she was moaning and squirming uncontrollably as my fingering got faster and faster. Eventually we stopped kissing cos the fingering alone was driving her nuts and I just lied there and stared at her while fingering her and watched her moan and squirm. I think at one point I hit her G-spot as well cos she went crazy screaming my name and I was kind of worried her neighbours would hear lol. After a while, I asked her 'Do you know what will feel so much better? My cock inside you' and she smiled and said 'Do you have a condom?'. I quickly got up and went to get my condom from my wallet and slipped it on.

I got back to the bed and told her to spread her legs and she raised her legs. Her vagina had a very thin layer of hair but was soaking wet. I slowly inserted the tip of my dick inside her and she squirmed in pain. It took a while but eventually I was able to get my entire cock inside. However, she still had an uncomfortable look on her face and so I just laid there on top of her, with my whole cock already inside her to give her some time to get used to it. I leant down to kiss her and the kissing seemed to relax her and after a while I started inserting and withdrawing my cock very slowly while making out with her. She then told me to go faster so I stopped kissing her, grabbed her hips for support and started fucking her at a steady pace and it felt fucking awesome. She was moaning and her breasts were bouncing up and down and I could feel the bed rock back and forth so it was all very hot.
After some time, we swapped positions, I got on my back and she started to ride me. At first she was going up and down my cock but I think she got tired and she started to straddle back and forth on my cock as well. She also kept caressing my upper body, moving her arms up and down my chest. It was a lot more relaxing but the pleasure was less intense than our previous missionary position. 

After that we switched positions again, I started fucking her from the side. Our sweaty bodies were tightly pressed against each others and I started fucking her quickly from the side. After some time I could start to feel my climax was within reach and without warning I got out, grabbed her and turned her around. She seemed pretty shocked by my sudden change of position but I always like to climax in the missionary position. 

So once I flipped her onto her back, I got my cock inside her and started to fuck her really quickly.  I pinned her hands and held them tight behind her head for support as I started to fuck her really quickly. She was moaning and squirming like crazy and her hands were gripping my hands really tightly. Eventally I felt my orgasm come and I climaxed while my cock was still fucking her pussy. 

So that was pretty much it. After that encounter, we fucked on two more occassions, both last year as well. After that we just kind of drifted for no reason and no one initiated another fuck session again...yet.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Dream Makers 志在四方 Review

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I have never done a TV show review before but don't know why but I suddenly got this urge to write a review for the new Channel 8 drama: The Dream Makers. The main reason is that I was really looking forward to the broadcast of this show due to its powerhouse cast and refreshing concept. I mean, a TV drama about what goes on behind the scenes in the local television industry is definitely a new concept and one that Mediacorp has never attempted before. So here is my review of this show after watching the first 5 episodes of it:


In my opinion, the most important ingredient in any successful drama serial is that the show has to be able to captivate the attention of the audience throughout every episode and make the audience yearn to see more of the show when an episode finishes. This show manages to do just that as it is engaging enough for me to glue myself to the screen and give the show my fullest attention in every episode so far. What is more impressive is that I don't find myself playing with my phone while the show is running which is not an easy task for any drama serial to accomplish. The Dream Makers manages to incorporate a good balance of drama, suspense, romance and comedy and thus unlike other Channel 8 dramas, it doesn't fall into the trap of becoming overly serious (Unriddle) or overly ridiculous (Breakout). I think its also rather cool that the script writers are inserting allusions and references to myths and gossip regarding Caldecott Hill for viewers to spot. Aside from the obvious references like Fann's famous Star Awards quote or Felicia Chin's denial of having undergone plastic surgery, some other not so obvious references I observed includes:

1.In the show: Jeanette Aw's character gets the challeging role which requires shaving her head because the Ah Jie, played by Dawn Yeoh rejected the role. 
Cynthia Koh

Gossip: While I am not sure how true this is, I have read rumours that the lead role of the 1999 classic blockbuster drama, 'Stepping out' was initially offered to Channel 8 Ah Jie Zoe Tay who rejected the role. In the end, a young Cynthia Koh clinched the breakthrough role which required her to shave her head and resulted in Cynthia winning her first and to date, only Best Actress Star Award.

2. In the show: Zoe Tay's character unknowingly becomes the mistress of Desmond Sim's character.

Gossip: There has long been a rumour that in Zoe's first few years in the entertainment industry, she was reportedly a mistress or 'kept woman' of a very wealthy tycoon.

I do have a few complaints about the show though. Firstly, while I understand that the show is trying to give viewers a broad insight into the local TV industry, I think focusing on the rivalry between scheming actors and actresses would have made for much more juicy television. If I had my way, I would make The Dream Makers similar to the TVB hit 'War and Beauty', but instead of focusing on warring cocubines, The Dream Makers would focus on 4 actresses scheming to get to the top. Casting Jeanette, Rui En, Joanne Peh and Felicia Chin as the 4 scheming actresses would have been perfect and would certainly have piqued viewer's interest. My sceond compaint is that Zoe's involvement in an extramarital affair and Chen Li Ping having an autistic son are just very unnecessary subplots. While the script writers were probably trying to make their roles more challenging and show how 'normal' they are since they face personal problems as well, I am sure the MAJORITY of people watching The Dream Makers are more interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the TV industry instead.

Overall however, the drama has done well in providing an insightful view into how the television industry works and it manages to exagerate the scheming and rivalry within the players in the entertainment industry to make it sufficiently interesting and engaging enough but not overly unrealistic.


After 5 episodes, everyone seems to have done well in the acting department. The standout performances in my opinion are the 3 princesses of Channel 8, Rui En, Jeanette and Dawn.

Standout Performances

1. Rui En as Fang Tong Lin.

In my opinion, Rui En gives the best performance in the show so far. Known to be very serious and aloof in real life, Rui En manages to deliver an effortless and natural performance as the slighly crazy but bubbly Fang Tong Lin. She manages to shed her ice cool princess image very well as she tranforms into the comic relief of the Dream Makers. Rui En certainly shows that she can do comedic roles as well as the tough female cop roles which she usually gets. As long as The Dream Makers enjoys respectable ratings, I reckon Rui En is a shoo-in for securing a nomination in the Star Awards Best Actress category.

2. Jeanette Aw as Zhao Fei Er.

Jeanette has been given so many chances by Ch8 in the past who was obviously trying to groom her into the next Ah Jie but her rather lousy performances in blockbusters like 'Together' and 'Breakout' caused her to become dethroned by Rui En.

Thankfully, Jeanette seems to have redeemed herself in this drama. The character of Zhao Fei Er is certainly a complicated and challenging one due to the many flaws of the character but Jeanette manages to pull it off successfully. Jeanette manages to make her character likeable despite the character's questionable morals and Jeanette exudes screen pressence and charisma in the show. She also shines in the dramatic scenes, especially the crying scenes. In my opinion, another shoo-in for a nomination at the Star Awards for Best Actress.

The chemistry between Jeanette and Qi Yuwu is also infestious and they display so much more chemistry onscreen than Qi Yuwu did with his supposed real life girlfriend; Joanne Peh. This just makes the relationship between Joanne and 715 even more questionable.

3. Dawn Yeoh as the show's Ah Jie.
As one of the primary villains of the show, Dawn gives an impressive performance as the show's queen bitch and thankfully, Dawn doesn't over-act which is easy to do for these type of roles. It has been a long time since Dawn acted on local TV and it seems that the long absence have resulted in a new found maturity in her acting. Known for playing the innocent wide-eyed girl in the past, Dawn pulls off her first villanous role rather effortlessly. If only she was still in Mediacorp, she would have been a shoo-in for the Best Supporting actress nomination.

Other worthy mentions

1. Shaun Chen

As the only male eye candy in the show (I never found 715 or Chen Hanwei very attractive), Shaun gives a charismatic and natural performance as Du Zhanpeng. While Shaun has this uncanny ability to make his characters unlikeable which probably explains his lack of popularity despite his good looks and decent acting abilities, he is actually surprisingly quite likeable in the show so far.

Rebecca Lim

Rebecca's flirtatious character has only appeared a few times in the show so far but her character has already left quite an impression. Looking forward to see more of her character in later episodes.


1. Zoe Tay as Zhou Wei Yun.

I am not disappointed with Zoe's acting abilities but rather more of the character she was given. The character of Zhou Wei Yun was marketed as a career woman with zero EQ. However, the character comes across as more of just a career woman. While Zhou Weiyun is supposed to speak and constantly offend people, I actually find the character rather normal and fail to see why she is supposed to be a sharp shooter because the character's lines doesn't seem to be too offensive. Thus, only the script writers should be blamed for not developing the character enough as Zhou Wei Yun comes across as more of just your typical TV career woman.

2. Chen Liping as the so called 'Drama Queen'.

Chen Liping has this ability of making whatever character she is playing seem so natural and believable that you think she is just playing herself. While some may consider this as a sign of an outstanding actress, it could also imply that maybe Chen Liping is not developing the characters that she is given to its fullest potential and this comes across very clearly in her portayal in the Dream Makers.

Chen Liping spends most of the drama smiling and while some may consider this as her showing that her character is always hiding behind a mask, I find that this just implies Chen Liping hasn't put much effort into this role. Chen Liping's portrayal makes it difficult for me to see why her character is considered to be a 'Drama Queen' since there is nothing very drama about the character.


Easily the best Channel 8 drama of 2013, I am glad that The Dream Makers did not disappoint my high anticipation for the show. This show is definitely a must-watch drama for 2013 due to its refreshing concept and generally good acting.

Verdict 7/10

The Dream Makers theme song:

P.S: Now the next show I am looking forward to is the sequel to Bu Bu Jin Xing aka Scarlet Heart. Hopefully that doesn't disappoint as well.

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